Your Impact

With your help, we’re able to make real change.

20% of the profits from every Smirk purchased go to charity

Choose your impact

Every design you choose has a designated non-profit that will benefit from your purchase. You can feel good knowing that 20% of the profits from each Smirk purchased has gone to a cause that you personally believe in. Together we can make real change.

Use your voice

By wearing your Smirk, you have the chance to connect. Make a new friend who loves the same things as you, or tell the world what causes you support and that you’re doing something about it. Getting people talking about real issues is the first step to creating change. Use your Smirk as a conversation starter and your impact on the cause can multiply.

Reduce waste

Expressing yourself through fashion doesn’t have to mean new clothes. The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters and wasteful producers. We hope to help you express yourself through fashion with minimal waste.

We do our part by sourcing packaging materials that are made with post-consumer waste, use eco-friendly inks and are recyclable.

The charities we support together

20% of the profits from each Smirk purchased will go to charity